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JIFT has been set up to professionally help the country's foreign trade management and increase exports by developing human resources; generating, analyzing and disseminating data & information; conducting product and marketing research. The Institute is a catalyst for new ideas, concepts and skills for the internationalization of the Indian economy. A provider of training and research based consultancy in the areas of international business, both for the corporate sector and for development sector/government. The Institute's portfolio of long-term programs is diverse, catering to the requirements of budding entrepreneurs, aspiring international business executives and mid-career professionals alike
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People were also encouraged to mend belongings as opposed to just buying new ones. Campaigns like ‘Make Do And Mend’ and ‘Sew And Save’ gave advice on how to recycle textiles and patch up their worn out clothes. Knitting also became very popular during the Second World War. On war time rations, families had to plan meals carefully so as to minimize wastage. Perishable food had to be purchased in small quantities and meals were made with some interesting substitutes. Meat fat was commonly saved to make pastry, and the cream from milk was stored in a jar and shaken to make butter and buttermilk. It is a shame that it took people such a long time to recognize the importance of recycling, and also that it took such miserable circumstances to draw it to our attention. Nowadays, we know the importance of recycling to preserve the Earth’s resources and to reduce pollution.
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